Billie and Ella

by Sparks In Shadow

Photo by Jonas Seaman via Flickr

I was working downstairs …their cries were heard… I vaulted the stairs by twos. Ella stopped immediately. Billie continued, inconsolable. Ella watched, bottle in hand, as I checked her twin for wetness, redness, some clue. Billie cried harder. My tears came as my confusion mounted.

Unpinning one side of Billie’s diaper, she recoiled. Undoing the other, I understood– an open pin. My tears came faster seeing the tiny, reddened stabs.

Later, holding Billie in the rocking chair, I marveled at my girls. I gazed at Ella standing at my knee, bottle tipped. She paused her drink for a moment, to smile at her mother.

Julia’s prompt was, “their cries were heard…”