The EPS Factor

by Sparks In Shadow

Photo by Kate Whitley via Flickr


Displacing our recent Euro meltdown fear is the newly prevalent, violent disobedience inside many European nations. Dr. Sean Braverman, a pioneering scholar of Empathic Political Science, explains that the world’s governments’ systemic refusals to address the emotional needs of their citizens is to blame. This also explains citizens’ inabilities to clearly identify their grievances.

These increasing outbreaks strengthen Braverman’s hypothesis that previous protests resulted not from feelings of entitlement, but global efforts of corporations and governments to recharacterize nonprofitable facets of empathy, as being antithetical to society.

For widespread emotional recovery, Braverman proposes worldwide refocusing on human rights to reinstate empathy’s true definition.

The prompt was, “Euro meltdown fear” — from Julia, with the requirement that we “take on the mantle of a journalist.” I couldn’t get into that subject so, as a fiction writer, I utilized other facts to create a fictional examination of another important subject.