Aquamarine – Part One

by Sparks In Shadow

Photo by karenchristine552 via Flickr

After the explosion, Woodring feared the rounding aeroplane hum. Lady Leira stood beside him at the foot of the stairs, a gentlewoman waiting, as he knew, for protection. He regretted her trust. Lacking refuge before Captain Isley’s next attack, any plan would supersede the blankness overtaking him.

Caressing his brow, she whispered, “You’re bleeding.”

Woodring attempted to recall the blow as Leira acted, leading. Following to grass underfoot, aghast at charred yard where kitchen had been, he watched her touch the aquamarine stone of her ring, incanting something foreign while pressing her body to his. New surroundings replaced theirs and he fell to his knees.

The prompt was to use each of these words: Aghast, Aquamarine, Aeroplane, Acted, and AfterΒ –Β from Julia.