by Sparks In Shadow

Photo by Veroniqueakin via Wikimedia

At the office party, Rena asked Noelle, “What’s wrong?”

“Emily touching my dreads… ”


“… saying, ‘They’re surprisingly soft!’ ”

“She didn’t … ”

“I’m surprised I didn’t slap her into next week.”

Rena snorted.

“Touching somebody’s hair … stupid woman.”

“Some people don’t have sense.”

“Maybe somebody slapped hers off.” Noelle glared. “Probably touched their hair.”

Rena laughed. “You’re too much!”

“You think that’s funny? Be here if she does it again.” Noelle sniffed. “Her feet’ll be flying through the air. She’ll miss the weekend – I’ll knock her straight into Monday.”

Emily returned. “A joke?”

Noelle stared. Rena stifled a snicker, dabbing her eyes.