by Sparks In Shadow

Photo by JFB57

“Why are you fighting me? Just try it on. You’ll see.” The veteran stylist was confused by his client’s behavior. He scratched his head at her reaction.

“Gustavo, I’ve never had reason to question your talents before, but I will NOT wear this. Find something else.”

“Madame! Because of my expertise, you’re one of the best dressed women in the world. This will accentuate your figure. It’s fashion forward. Why won’t you try it on?”

“Are you a botanist, Gustavo?”

“Madame, please don’t insult me. This is about fashion.”

“No, Gustavo. It’s about poison sumac. The poison sumac right there.”

This was for Week #10 of Julia’s 100 Word challenge. I worried it wasn’t a good attempt then, but now I like it. Her photo was the prompt.