Aquamarine – Part Four

by Sparks In Shadow

Photo by karenchristine552 via Flickr

A lieutenant entered what remained of Lady Leira’s bedroom. Captain Isley stood inspecting her journal.

“Captain, it may be unwise to linger. This structure could give way.”

“You believe I blasted the rear of this house without understanding the consequence?”

“No, Sir …”

“Take your fear outside.”

“No fear, Sir. I’m ready for orders.”


The lieutenant sputtered, “Y-yes, Sir,” then left.

Isley flipped pages. “Three cups receipt clarification, an address, a number of stitches in knitting. Clever. She shouldn’t have refused me. We’d have been a good match.” He stowed the journal inside his jacket, smiling as he left.

The prompt from Julia was, “the flip side.”