No Lie

by Sparks In Shadow

Bruce Springsteen by Thomas Uhlemann via Wikimedia


I like the curve of a man’s butt,

and I cannot lie.

Through denim, makes me sigh,

quadriceps, too.

Want to

watch him walk,

over here, say hi.

No one cares if I die,

fashion cruelty starving me,

by degrees.

Men’s jeans, in my neighborhood,

always looser.

Mine remain tight.

Yeah, they got the right

but …

Where’s jeans

like Springsteen’s

in the ’80s, singing a song I heard later,

those jeans, that thigh,

not slipping from the waist or

tripping in folds

pooling at the ankles,

holding them up with his hands cuz …


I could cry.

I cannot lie.

Prompted by sights seen on the way home yesterday, and the first line of a popular rap song.