Eduard and Adolfo

by Sparks In Shadow

Photo by Ré Harris

There’s a previous version of this that I still have on file, but in light of a recent comment, I wonder if this slight tweaking makes my vision for it clearer, without taking anything away. If anyone who read it before has the time, I’d love to know what you think.

The flame flickered before elongating, high and thin. Science could explain, she believed, preparing dinner by the light it threw. Barometric pressure? Characteristics of seeping wind? These were her layperson’s guesses, before Daniel woke. Thunder put her boy to sleep every time, never scared him.

“Did you go potty?”

He nodded, gazing at the candle.

“That’s hot like the stove. Never touch it.”

He said, “Okay.”

“Good nap, Sweetie?”


“What’s wrong?”

“Eduard talks loud.”

She stared.

Daniel said, “Adolfo’s playing with the candle. He’s not hurt.”

The long flame swirled.

Dishes, tugged from her grip, crashed against a wall.

Daniel trembled. “Eduard’s mean.”

The prompt was “The flame flickered before” – from Julia.