The First Road

by Sparks In Shadow

Photo by Ré Harris


“Lord, these drops are collectin’ like a gang ‘o thieves. The rain turned the road into a river.” Rory walked to the edge of the asphalt, bare toes disappearing into murky ebbs of captive water.

Henry stood back a few feet, Bermuda shorts and no shirt cooling him under the umbrella as he watched her. “Come on. You’ll soak the seat.”

Rory turned to the car with the baby and their things piled in. “Think we’ll find another way?”

“Ain’t gonna let us get stuck here,” Henry said.

Rory nodded. “I know. Not many roads to take, though.”

“I’ll find one.”

She smiled, blinking against the rain. ” ‘kay.”


“… the rain turned the road into a river …” was the prompt, from Julia.