Far Away – A Short Prequel to ‘Entanglement’

by Sparks In Shadow

Woman With Black Hair Illustration

Ilustration by Vectorportal via Flickr


“Dream Weaver” began on Aliss’s radio. As she washed breakfast dishes, lyrics about closing one’s eyes and going far away stopped her cold.

The pull she hadn’t been able to shake, drew her into blankness as suds ran to her elbow, dripping tiny pools onto the floor. Leaving them, she rushed to brush her teeth, collect her bag and head out.

At her office computer, she searched the song’s lyrics. No memories jogged, she decided to address her sound system problem and try the movie again. Miller was free Saturday. She ordered pizza for then and, returning to the routine, immersed herself in work.

This is a tiny prequel to the story, Entanglement, that I’ve been writing on Sparks In Shadow during the past weeks. The prompt was “… returning to the routine …” from Julia.