Hidden at the Edge

by Sparks In Shadow

Photo by Ré Harris

This one has become a longer story. If this first part catches your interest and you find yourself wanting more, you can read the complete version here.

With trouble hot on our trail, I woke with another headache. Vince gazed out at the mountains like he was thinking of another woman.

“You want to fend for yourself?” I said, checking the gun under my pillow.

“What’s your problem?”

I raked fingers through my hair, staring at the latch on the door while cold wind blew through the cabin and grabbed me under the threadbare blanket. I rose, fully dressed, holding my gun.

“You’re always upset about something,” he said.

“And you hate women with brains.” Light reflected outside the other window as I crept closer to it. “Too bad you need ’em.”

The prompt was, “I woke with another headache,” from Julia.