Hidden at the Edge – Part Two

by Sparks In Shadow

Photo by Ré Harris


Older Mum kindly requested more, and since a stubborn comforter is taking too long to dry and keeping me up, I’ve obliged her. Ask and you shall receive.


Vince’s pause before saying, “Now what?” said he’d caught on to his lack of diligence. Could’ve been cornered before he remembered to check another direction.

“What’s the point of the gorge at the back and only two ways in? Why take watch, if daydreaming’s all you’ll do?”

He cocked his piece at the window with the mountain view, before tossing a whispered yell. “Shut up.”

I let it go.

I woke with another headache for sure – Vince. Not sharp, but damn if his neck didn’t smell like clover sometimes.

Billy approached behind bushes, pistol in hand, rifle slung. I eased the window up and aimed.

The prompt was, “I woke with another headache,” from Julia.