At Marybeth’s for Tea

by Sparks In Shadow

tea time

Photo by Violette79 via Flickr

“It can’t be … that time he was introduced at brunch, everyone favored their match. They were so perfect.”

My sister had missed how her daughter turned away each time he’d mentioned his desires for their future. “Marybeth,” I tried gentleness, “there’re other considerations besides family position and wealth.” I sipped my tea.

She looked askance. “How surprising from you who surely knows the folly of such thinking. How are your poor children this cold winter?”

I emptied the tray of strawberry biscuits into napkins, gathering them closed and leaving as she gasped.

My children would savor them more than Marybeth. She wouldn’t understand that either.

The prompt was, “it can’t be that time” — from Julia.