Paper and Ink Prayer

by Sparks In Shadow

winter landscape

Winter Landscape Photo by David Blackwell via Flickr

Spring promised,
summer whispered heat, hammerlike.
Autumn focuses my fear,
and winter will bring words –
fever committed to lines.

Let me show mercy as they fall,
icy spatters dotting pages,
and wanting,
wanting to live.

Help me roam the paths I hew,
smoothing unintended spikes
and rough stones that threaten farther
than expression and flow.
Let me refine that which splinters the faith of those
searching my words for intention, honoring me.
I cannot serve without trudging backward.

Which bloom should remain unbridled?
Which would do better perched against a sharp edge,
or sliced?
I bid perseverance
as winter’s chill cuts draw near.

The prompt was, “and winter will bring,” from Julia.