by Sparks In Shadow


Photo by jeffreyw via Flickr

“Use high quality chocolate, butter, vanilla. Bake them less so they’re very moist – not until the pick’s completely clean, like cake.”

“Thanks, Nina.”

“Sure. People hoard signature recipes, but these’re simple brownies, and I want my son to have what he’s used to. Now – the unexpected. Half the people never guess …”

Siobhan’s eyes grew wide.

“A fat pinch of red pepper.”

Siobhan scribbled it down, beaming.

“Tame for you, I suppose. Not like ‘eye of newt’ or ‘frog’s wart’!”

Siobhan tensed. “Wiccans eat like everyone else, Nina.”

“Oh. I wouldn’t know.”

At those times, Siobhan wished she did do spells.

The prompt was to “create a recipe of a dish fit for a witch – from Julia.