by Sparks In Shadow

The Dark

photo by Ré Harris


The blackness just enveloped me.

Yesterday had brightened by its end, pulsing with promises of daybreak and scent: shafts of sunlight bolting through doors, sweet peony and honeysuckle, on gentle wind, twining around my morning cup. Yesterday’s midnight dark hung radiant with half-moon and pinprick pictures in starlit sky. No hint of today’s siege and my restless retreat.

I dreamt of vigor, inventing machines as I slept, thrilling myself until I woke again swallowed by the brutal dark.

I’m drifting again inside this airless brane hoping I wake tomorrow outside it, or with claws to rip through the boundary between this place and light.

From the prompt: “…the blackness just enveloped me…” from, Julia’s Place.