Abstract Pointillism

by Sparks In Shadow

Photo by Ré Harris

Photo by Ré Harris


Perhaps this exercise should be disregarded.
It may prove to be pointless,
yet it works for me:

petals of baby’s breath
wayward strands
stoneground corn
sweet teeth
multicolor foil snowflakes, tossed (the kaleidoscope kind)
lipstick kisses
tiny, naked pores
the spaces interspersing fur
quarter carat gems on whatever carat gold

but surely it is pointless

chocolate cupcake crumbs
nutmeg, dusted
iron, rusted
sanded bits of stone
9 point black letters on white
speckles of yellow batter, spattered

Is this too much in my head? Senseless?

blue crayon dots
leopard spots
petite peas
silhouettes of ladybugs
sequins in pastels (Yes!)
paintbrush-painted spots–
my interpretation.

The prompt was “but surely it is pointless” from Julia’s Place.