Sparks In Shadow is our main residence, but my tiniest stories called out for a home of their own. They’ve settled here quite nicely, snuggled in against this new theme and a site that’s all about them.

For those who would keep count, please remember that when the prompts are visual or simply an idea, these stories will contain exactly one hundred words. When the prompts are words that must be included, they will contain one hundred words plus the number of words in the prompt. If you feel so inclined, send me a word or a phrase at: knitterlywit@gmail.com.

I don’t suppose all these stories will have beginnings and middles and ends, but please don’t hate them because they’re small. Talk to me about what you’d want them to be. Tell me how you feel about them. Each one is a chance for me discover how much life I can reflect in those few words – my opportunity to amuse you, maybe give you a thrill. Tell me when I hit. Be gentle when you think I’ve missed. But give me the thrill of knowing. A smooth ride is sometimes a little boring. I look forward to hearing from you.


— Ré Harris